Exchange Rates  
The Bank of Canada exchange rates are nominal quotations based on offical parities or market rates in terms of United States dollars, converted into Canadian dollars around noon Ottawa Time. These daily average exchange rates are then used to calculate the montly average exchange rate.
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EUR - The Euro is the offical currency of the Eurozone
GBP - The pound sterling is the offical currency of the United Kingdom
USD - The U.S. dollar is the offical currency of the United States
YEN - The Japanese yen is the offical currency of Japan
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% change over 2021
EUR EUR 1.43535 -6.92%
GBP GBP 1.71585 -1.83%
USD USD 1.26660 -0.36%
YEN YEN 0.01101 -9.42%
Data Source: Bank of Canada