Consumer Inquiries
Number of calls to 1-800-ONTARIO, number of user sessions on, and number of visitors at Ontario Travel Information Centres are reported by the Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation.
1. Select the data frequency by clicking the ‘By Month’, ‘By Quarter’ or ‘Custom’ button.
2. Select the year range by clicking and dragging the buttons on either end of the scale.
3. If available, select the month range by clicking and dragging the buttons on either end of the scale.
4. Choose the Inquiry Methods that you would like to include using the provided checkboxes.
5. If required, select specific Travel Information Centres by clicking the ‘Select Travel Information Centres’ link.
6. Click the ‘Refresh’ button to view the specified Consumer Inquiries Statistical Data.
By default, a line chart will be displayed that shows the desired information. Perform a mouse-over on each data point to view additional information.
Clicking the ‘Show Table’ button will display the desired information in tabular format.
Clicking the ‘Export Data’ button will export the tabular data in CSV format.
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Consumer Inquiry Statistics
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Data Source : Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation
Note : data after 2011 is not directly comparable to historical data due to system and analytic changes
Select Travel Information Centres
Select up to 10 Travel Information Centres (including selected Inquiry Methods from previous screen).